One of a kind unique holiday gift certificate idea!  

Know someone who enjoys shows like "Ghost Adventures," “The Dead Files," "Murder ID," or "Forensic Files"

Shop from home and make their day by giving them a gift certificate for any one of our up coming 2023 Haunted History Dinner Tour events.  

All they have to do is call us and reserve their preferred date!

Gift certificates will be valid through the 2023 season.

Click link to purchase 
Single price is $55.00
(Regular value $59.00)

Gift link for ticket purchase​

​Print the following page to include in your Christmas card to a friend or loved one. 
Projected 2023 Haunted History Dinner Tour approximate dates:
February 18th, 2023
3 in March 
(Feb & March weather permitting)
2 in April
2 in May
1 in June
3 in Sept
4 in Oct
1 in Nov
TO: ________________________
FROM: _____________________
# GUESTS: ___________
Take a photo tour at  
Call 815-535-7486 for reservations.