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Today we are told Mary Jane Reed was not a stranger to the old Stenhouse Restaurant and Lounge (Now called The Road House). We are honored that she has chosen to live on with us.
It is imperative that you, the reader, know and understand that our sharing Mary Jane's story is in no way intended to be an exploitation of her or her tragic legacy either personally or for profit. Mary Jane lost her life at an age when life is, for most everyone, just beginning. To let her go forgotten, we feel would be a dual tragedy and most unjust. For different reasons, there are many who would like her to be forgotten. We vow not to let that happen, but to tell the true story, as we know it. Prior to writing this copy, her life and death had been forgotten, if not covered up for over 50 years. There is a reason for that. Learn more about the true 
The Mary Jane Reed Foundation has established as a tribute to her as a living memorial assisting women and their families of any age, race, color or creed who have been brutally assaulted and assist them in any positive way possible to ease their pain and stress, assuring them that they have a network of support at no cost to them.
The founders were so moved by the brutal, unsolved murder of Mary Jane Reed in 1948 that they set this course as a path of life and hope in her name for those who have suffered similar fates.
If you find yourself interested in donating in any way, including your service, professional (Lawyer, counselor, clergy, etc.) or otherwise (mentor, retired person, housewife, etc.) please e-mail us at We're also hoping that anyone with any further knowledge or information that could resolve this case or give accuracy to the movie or book will please call us at (888) 290-0076 or (815) 732-2300 Contact Us.
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