Cozy Cocktail Lounge with Unique
"Antique Coin" Bar Top
First Post-Prohibition
"30's Budwieser
Lighted Sign
Jim busy at work!.
You are visitor number....
Click The Bull's Head
To Continue The Road
House Tour
Antique Knives, Guns, Coins and Curios throughout the building.
Ronald Reagan 
Photo Memorabilia Wall
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Ghost Riders
The Famous Road House Bar
Pete and the Gals
The Old Booth
Big Reward Poster
Antique Saddle
Watch out for Bears!!
Take time to walk around and check out all of the stage coaches that are on display, we have over 250 different styles....some of them are circus wagons, music boxes, transistor radios, salt and pepper shakers, cologne bottles, clocks, book ends, and yes lamps......
look for the lighted beer signs placed throughout the bar
Roaring 20;s prohibition seltzer bottle
Watch out for the indians!!!!!!!
Who's buried in Grants tomb?
Roy Rodgers Says.... 
"Happy Trails To You!"
Excellence Award given to the Road House by the Beef Packer Association
for serving high quality beef products.
love is in the air at the Road House
Take time to look at all the changes we have made to the Road House Atmosphere, the north dinning room and bar are covered in vintage pictures.