Upon first inspection of Stenhouse/Roadhouse premise by the current owners, the interior of the building while in shambles, still had a very inviting, warm aura about it to the would be purchasers.

Upon purchase, the old employees of Stenhouse/Roadhouse said the place was haunted. Not really taking any stock in those rumors, present day owners purchased the old building anyway.

During renovation of the roadhouse building a young woman entered on two different occasions, walked throughout the construction stating, "How nice it was going to be upon completion." One worker left the building shortly behind her only to find no one and no vehicle anywhere near the premise.

Early on several employees refused to work the late shift by themselves due to unexplained noises throughout the building. They also explained that the jukebox would play erratically by itself after midnight, stopping abruptly in the middle of a song. One song in particular plays consistently by itself.

Recollections by a local undertaker indicated that one of the past female owners of the building/business (who we will call "Esther") passed away in the building many years earlier.

One of the current owners lived upstairs in the building for 3 years. Having heard many unexplainable noises during the period he simply dismissed them as creaks and groans of an old building except for one.

One of the owners was elected mayor of the town 4 years after the business opened and was soon thereafter approached about bringing resolution to an old, unsolved murder of a girl from the town back in the late 1940's.

Having read a series of news articles published a couple years before as an update on the murders, he had little solid knowledge of the case and little interest as well with the busy life of now as Mayor and businessman. The news update was titled, "WHO KILLED MARY JANE REED AND WHY?"

On 11/15/99, a floral arrangement was attempted to be dropped off at the business for the birthday celebration of a "Miss Reed." (It was later verified that November 15th was the birthday of Mary Jane Reed.)

The business's secretary who refused the delivery (due to the business being closed that day) thought it coincidental in that November 15th is her birthday as well.

On 6/15/00, the owner received mayoral correspondence from the state capital "coincidentally" signed by a person named "Mary Reed."

On 11/27/00, the mayor received correspondence via a fax in reference to business supplies he had ordered. (Mary Jane Reed was a telephone operator at the time of her death.) The fax cover sheet indicated that the fax "operator's" name was "Mary Jane."

It was learned that the astrological chart of Mary Jane and one of the current day owners of the Roadhouse conjunct each other within 1 degree of 360%.

During the mayoral election of 1999 the business title was transferred and called M & J's Roadhouse after the two corporation officers and managers, Marge and June. Marge & June's Roadhouse initials  -  M.J.R. (Mary Jane Reed's initials  -  M.J.R.)

Employees have professed to have seen a woman that walks the front hallway in a gliding manner after hours past the swinging saloon doors.

In the kitchen, utensils fall from shelves and hurl themselves across the room, falling on the floor for no easily explained reason.

Pungent sweet smells of perfume or flowers aromate throughout certain rooms of the old building after hours.

Table candles flicker and seem to follow certain individuals with their flame.

After hours, employees have felt like they have been touched by someone as they pass, followed by a cool breeze.

A beautiful lady mannequin was purchased for decor and ambience. Upon assembly was found to have a skull fracture in the exact same place "Mary Jane Reed" was mortally wounded.

Coincidently, the shadow cast on the ceiling by the female mannequin copies the outline of the position Mary Jane Reed's body was in upon its discovery in June 1948.

Regardless of building thermostat settings, the room the mannequin is in overlooking the dance floor from the balcony unexplainably remains a cool 65 degrees.

The Roadhouse jukebox, unexplained by vendor servicemen, to this day consistenly plays one song for Mary Jane over and over at most opportune times.

A sensitive audio recording set up after hours in the Roadhouse lounge reveals the tearful voice of a young woman stating, "Please, please help me."

Acquaintances and friends of Mary Jane who were interviewed stated that she visited the Stenhouse/Roadhouse on many occasions and loved to dance with the soldiers back in the 1940's.

A copy of the local 1948 police report states that the last place "Mary Jane" was seen alive the night of her disappearance was at the old Stenhouse/Roadhouse building.

The abandoned car Mary Jane was last in the night of her disappearance was found across the street from the Stenhouse/Roadhouse the following day.

Two months after Mary Jane's death, the old Stenhouse/Roadhouse changed management.

July, 2003...After returning from a birthday holiday, the owner, who's birthday it was is given an old birthday card. This card was found by an employee in a box of discardables while the owners were absent on vacation. It read, "Hope you had a good birthday, Love Mary Jane."
Analysis of Mary Jane Reed's handwriting from an old post card she sent her mother in 1948 to the handwriting on the birthday card given to the owner is uncanny.

Per a request from a Hollywood screenwriter, a psychic who toured the Road House building, at no charge, to assist in the homicide investigation stated as follows:
     ..."Who is Mary?" "There is a Mary here someplace." "A name like Mary Ann, Mary Jane or Mary Lou?" "A younger woman was held against her will in the basement here; I feel her shaking and crying in horrible fear." "There is a 7 in her age." (Mary Jane was not quite 18 years old upon her death.) "There is an older man involved in her death in the old poker table room in the basement."...
This psychic works hand in hand with law enforcement agencies and has been published as well as seen on T.V.