Road House Haunted Articles / Media
Most Haunted Restaurant In Illinois
Q98.5 Article 2017
97ZOK Rockford, IL News Article Fall 2017
Chicago Tribune Nov. 12, 2014
The Ghosts of Illinois 2013
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Marty's Love for the Dead Files
96.7 The Eagle October 2015
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Mary Jane Reed Website
A Lingering Spirit
Check out this new video
just uploaded Dec. 2017!
This video was taken from our security
camera showing a wine bottle falling off of a shelf for no apparent reason late one night after it had been sitting there for several days!
See the gangster looking guy?
This picture was taken by a paranormal investigator, into the glass of an antique mirror. The mirror has hung in the basement gambling room of the old  Stenhouse/Road House 
since the 1920's.
Do you see the couple in the mirror?
This video was captured during a 
paranormal  investigation on 
March 28, 2018.  Note that the orbs seem
to nearly attack the investigators as they sit at
the old prohibition poker table with their
EVP equipment.  This video is approximately
15 minutes long.  To capture the full effect,
please take the time to view the full video.
Here are additional photos that were taken in the old basement gambling room.
Can you find the young woman with hand in front of her mouth?
Do you see the Indian woman?
Do you see the old prospector looking man in the photo?
Do you see the big
bearded guy?
CLICK HERE to play the interview
Ghost Research Society Investigation Notes March 28, 2018
Mirror - Regular Size
Mirror - Blown Up
These images were captured during a "burst" photo session.  
As you can see from the left, there was nothing in the original burst - then watch what appears!
Photo with increased contrast
Click the above video to see how this
image was discovered.
This photo was taken in the basement mirror of The Road House during a paranormal investigation in April 2019.
CLICK ABOVE to see Mayor Mike explain
how he got involved in this haunting mystery.
Reddit Article - Aug 2018
Reddit Article - 2015