Road House Gallery
Rowdy guys on a Sunday afternoon
Valentines  Day at the Road House 
with Aricka Anderson and Paul Harrison
Thumbs up to u James!!!
No Comments from the peanut gallery
Now Thats a Fun Group
Dancing The Night Away
The Train Never Gets old
Sing To Me Lover Boy.....
Dont Leave Yet The Parties Just Starting
Sing It Jane!!!!
Smile For The Camera
Did They Seriously Just Take That
Rock it Guys, Rock It!!!
Good Times!
Let's Get Together
Were So Happy Oh So Happy
The Stars of Tomorrow
You Can Dance If You Want To
We Hope The Lyrics Are not True
Thanks Folks, We Will See You Next Time!
Jen and our old prospector "Cactus Pete."
Kaayrn and "Ellie May" two sharp 
lookin "Roadie" gals any day!